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Refund Policy

By signing online I hereby give permission for YET Training Inc. to charge my credit card. I understand if I have signed up to the CEO program there will be a monthly charge to access the extra things the program offers and that will come off of my Credit card given. If the approved amount does not go through my access could be denied. I will give notice in writing should I want to cancel my monthly access and allow 10 days for the cancellation to take effect. I understand I will be given a password to access the training and that I agree not to share or give out the password. Doing so may lead to me no longer be allowed to access the training and no refund will be given. I understand that all items and videos are the property of YET Training Inc. and are for personal use only and may not be shared or copied in full or part without written permission. I will not hold YET Training Inc., directly or in directly or any of its employees or owners responsible for anything. And I understand if I am to request a 100% money back guarantee I will do so within 3 months of my first login to the training and will provide proof that a young person has completed the program.





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