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I am so impressed with the Y.E.T program. My daughter Shaqala who is 14 has taken the course and now she has a photography business. I thank Lance for all the hard work. The kids truly respect him and look forward to learning from him. This course needs to be taught in our public schools but unfortunately is not. My daughter has learned about money managing to how to start her own business and also client care. Thank you so much for giving Shaqala the tools she needs to excel as an entrepreneur. And the best part is even I learned things from what she is doing that I am now putting in my own business!!


Both of my kids have completed the YET program. From this training they both have created their own business at such young ages at 10 & 12. It has really opened up their opportunities and the how they will look at their futures differently. They now look at money in a way of "How can this make me more money" and "How can I be smart about my money". This is an amazing program and both my kids really enjoyed it even more than going to school.


My daughter at 9 started the YET program. I thought she might be too young for the program but I was very wrong. Kamryn has learned things I never did and she isn’t learning in school. She looks forward to the new lessons and is excited all the time about the business she created. She was attending an event she could sell her items at and needed help making them all. My house was a mini manufacturing plant with my 9 year old running the show In the end she made more money over the weekend then I use to make in a week at 3 times her age. I wish someone had started me on this program when I was her age. Thanks to Lance and YET my daughter has a very bright future.


I took Lance's YET training thinking at 19 I was too old to be with the younger people doing it. I figured out quickly that what he was teaching was not only good for the younger people but suited the business I was starting and was even be good for my mom’s business. I have used the things YET taught me to help my business and I'll use them again for any business I do in the future. YET teaches life lessons that I wish my school had taught me. If you want a jump start on being successful in business and in life then take action and take the YET program!     


It is amazing!! It truly is ground breaking and it works!! It works so well I need it!! If you have kids you need them to see this and build their skills about money and businesses. This isn't a boring course. This is a revolutionary break though that gives your kids tools and provides them with know how in a easy and fun way. Takes the lemonade stand to whole new level.





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